Cafferty (Ballaghaderreen - Anniversary) 22-06-1974Cahalan, Joseph (Wedding - Ballaghaderreen Cathedral) 05-08-1970CahillCahill (Main St., Castlerea)Cahill 29-12-1977Cahill 1960Cahill and Byron (Christening - Castlerea) 1984Cahill, Anthony (Presentation) 2002Cahill, Frank (25th Anniversary - Tully's, Castlerea) 26-04-1977Cahill, Frank (Presentation) 1960'sCahill-Browne (Castlerea) 1956Cahir, Seamus 1987Calfield, JohnCallaghan (Baby) 1994Callaghan (Birthday - Don Arms) 1990Callaghan (Don Arms) 1990Callaghan (Lisduff, Fairymount) 1995Callaghan (Wedding) 1956Callaghan 1996Callaghan 2003Callaghan, Breege 1985Callaghan, Breege 1999Callaghan, J.P. 1957Callaghan, Liam (Don Arms, Castlerea) 1993Callaghan, Tom (Retirement - Tully's) 2000Callaghan, Tom and Austin 1963Campbell 1961 (1)Campbell 1961 (2)Campbell 1962Campbell, James and Cassidy, Ena (Wedding - Ballinagar and Castlerea) 26-04-1969Campion 1968Canbary, Frank 1959Canny, Martin and Daly, Kitty (Wedding - Ballintubber) 1970'sCarbine, Frances (Wedding - Carracastle) 03-08-1968Carey (Frenchpark) 26-10-1977Carey, Margaret (Frenchpark - Baby) 18-03-1977Carley, John and Nugent, Bridie (Wedding - Strokestown) 30-09-1978Carlos (50th Anniversary - Don Arms) 1987Carlos, Connelly, McDermott (Double Wedding) 1972Carlos, Liam 1987Carney (Tooreen - Communion) 1990Carran (Ballaghaderreen) 1977Carroll (Ballaghaderreen) 1986Carroll (Castlerea - Wedding) 1958Carroll (Fish) 1969Carroll 1958Carroll 1970'sCarroll 1985Carroll, C. (Baby) 08-02-1975Carroll, Fr. 1964Carroll, Johnnie (Wedding)Carroll, Martha (Ballaghaderreen - Baby) 1990Carroll, Martha (Children) 1999Carroll, Michael and Bowens, Teresa (Dunmore - Wedding) 1997Carroll, Rita 1988Carthy (Castlerea Estate Agents) 2001Carty (Ballaghaderreen) 1994Carty (Child) 1980Carty (Kilmurray) 02-05-1981Carty (Trien - Christening) 29-03-1981Carty (Wedding - Knock) 03-08-1968Carty and Feeney, M. (Charlestown) (Wedding - Knock Church) 27-07-1968Carty, Andy and Howley, Angela (Ballygar - Wedding) 30-11-1968Carty, Eamon and Finneran, Margaret (Wedding - Roscommon) 03-04-1973Casey, John and Hynes, Maureen (Wedding) 23-10-1967Cashman, Frank and O'Connor, Mairead (Wedding - Tibohine - Tully's) 17-09-1977Cassidy 20-08-1980Cassidy 1958Cassidy and McDermott, Hubert 1970'sCassidy, Sheila (Castlerea Rose) 1989Caulfield (40th Anniversary) 2000Caulfield (50th Anniversary - Knock) 1996Caulfield (Ballyhaunis) 1992Caulfield (Ballyhaunis) 1998Caulfield (Castlerea Swimming Presentation) 1998Caulfield (Christening - Ballyhaunis) 2003Caulfield (Studio) 1996Caulfield 2000Caulfield, Kathleen (Ballyhaunis Shopping Bonanza Cheque) 1999Caulfield, Kathleen and Granddaughter 1996Caulfield, Mary (Cheque) 1996Caulfield, Seamus (Boy) 2003Caulfield, Seamus (Child) 1998Caulfield, Seamus (Child) 2000Caulfield, V. 2000Cawley, John (Garda Retirement - Tully's) 1999Claffey (25th Anniversary) 09-09-1973Claffey 1959Claffey 1960Claffey 1971Claffey 1982Claffey, Fr. Pat 24-10-1977Claffey, P. (Castlerea Festival) 1988Claffey, PaulClaffey, Paul (This Is Your Life) 1991Claffey, Paul 2003Clancey, Loraine (St. Faithleach's Player of the Match U16 Football Final) 1987Clancy (Baby) 1977Clarke (Baby) 1980Clarke (Ballyhaunis - Christmas) 2001Clarke (Castlebar) 1988Clarke (Children - Ballyhaunis) 2004Clarke (Communion) 1993Clarke 1957Clarke, Catherine (Makeover) 1996Clarke, Charles (Roscommon Field) 2003Clarke, MichaelClarke, Ray and Frances (Wedding) 1964Clarke, T. (Ballymoe) 08-02-1975Cleary 02-07-1958Cleary, Enda (Claremorris) (Wedding)Cleary, Helen (Ballyhaunis Golf President) 2001Cleary, Mary (Baby) 1980Coen (Ballyhaunis) 1994Coen 26-09-1978Coffey 2001Coghlan, Margaret (Award) 1997Coleman (Loughlynn) 01-1987Coleman, John (Garda Retirement) 1997Coleman, John J. (Garda Superintendent)Coleman, Tony and Ann (25th Wedding Anniversary) 1993Colleran (50th Anniversary - Don Arms) 1989Colleran (Child) 01-1971Colleran, Jacintha (Makeover) 12-03-2002Collins (Ballymoe House) 13-05-1974Collins (Castleplunkett) 02-2005Collins (Child) 1993Collins (Communion) 1960Collins (Makeover) 27-03-2002Collins (Studio) 1997Collins 1998Collins and Keegan and Doherty (Children)Collins, Frank (Castlerea - Wedding) 1960Collins, Geraldine 1996Collins, John (Ballyhaunis Golf Captain) 2002Collins, John (Presentation) 1996Collins, John 1998Collins, Pat and Ena (Ballymoe - 40th Anniversary) 2000Collins, Rory (School First Day) 1996Colman, Tommy and Whyte, Chris (Wedding - Kilbegnet and Abbey Hotel) 18-08-1972Comen (Glenamaddy) 1998Comen 1989Comer (Glenamaddy) 1998Comer 1960Comer, Tommy and Noreen (Child - Studio) 1992Comer, Tommy and Noreen (Children) 1992Con 1999Con, Fr. (Nun) 1999Con, Fr. 1999Con, Fr. 2000Conama (Ballymoe Communion) 1958Conama (Communion) 1960Conama (Twins) 1991Conama 1960Conama 1998Conboy (40th Anniversary) 1990Conboy, Seamus (Ballyhaunis Golf Captain) 1993Concannon 1970'sConcannon O'Brien, Maura (Award) 1989Concannon, PConcannon, Paddy (Wedding) 1966Concannon, Paddy 1998Concannon, Paddy 2002Concannon, Paddy 2003Coneran (Ballymoe) 27-05-1977Coneran, Sean and Marie (Baby Thomas) 1996Conheeney, Kathleen (Wedding - Kilbegnet and Abbey Hotel) 17-06-1972Conlon (Ballyhaunis - Boxing) 1995Conlon (Ballyhaunis) 1995Conlon (Ballyhaunis) 1999Conlon (Boxing) 1996Conlon, Mick 1999Conlon, Vincent (Glenamaddy - Gardai Retirement) 1995Connally (Funeral) 1977Connally (Twins - Glinsk) 1969Connally 1958Connally, Clare (Presentation) 1999Connally, Fr. 1963Connally, Fr. Sean (25th Anniversary) 1982Connally, P. 1958Connally, Valerie (Dancing) 1987Connaughton (Baby) 1999Connaughton (Dancing Awards) 1986Connaughton (Oran) 1993Connaughton (Williamstown) 31-07-1976Connaughton 1961Connaughton 1970'sConnaughton 1990Connaughton, Anita (Children) 1984Connaughton, Gerard and Raftery, Anita (Wedding - Loughglynn) 01-09-1979Connaughton, Patsy and Andy (40th Anniversary) 10-08-2004Conneally (Glenamaddy)Conneally (Glenamaddy) 2000Conneally 1962Conneally 2000Conneally, Joe (Fish) 1997Conneally, Michael (Glenamaddy - 50th Anniversary) 1997Conneely, John (Retirement) 2001ConnellConnell (Behy) (Wedding)Connell 1986Connell, Bill 1958Connell, Kathleen (Wedding) 06-08-1968Connell, Kathleen 1955Connell, Willie 1955Connell-Guighan 1971ConnellyConnelly (40th Anniversary) 1989Connelly (Children) 1988Connelly (Glinsk) 1974Connelly (Post Retirement) 1989Connelly 1962Connelly and Hablis, Teresa (Wedding) 10-02-1970Connery, Ian (Communion) 1986Connolly (Ballintubber) 1980Connolly (Ballyhaunis) 1994Connolly (Castlerea - 50th Anniversary) 29-12-1977Connolly (Communion) 1994Connolly (Communion) 1995Connolly (Main St., Castlerea) 08-05-1961Connolly (Retirement) 1979Connolly 02-08-1976Connolly 1960Connolly, Francis 1980Connolly, J. 1955Connolly, John (Fish) 1994Connolly, John (Kilteevan Gun Club) 2000Connolly, KConnolly, Mary 23-09-1978Connolly, Pat (Glenamaddy GAA Retirement) 1998Connolly, Patricia (Children) 2003Connolly, Tom and Mary (Glenamaddy) 1992Connor (Ballaghaderreen - Makeover) 1997Connor (Roscommon Show Bonny Baby) 1995Connor, John (Fine Gael) 2002Connor, Mary Teresa (100th Birthday) 2005ConomaConoma 1953Conoma 1956Conroy (Family Party) 1967Conroy 1959Conroy 1961Conroy, Fr. Jackie (Presentation - Ballinlough) 1989Conroy, Fr. Jackie 1989Conway (Baby) 1980Conway (Claremorris - Communion) 2002Conway 1980'sConway and Jennings (Wedding) 1972Conway, Dillon (Children) 1980Coogan (Williamstown)Cooke and Finnerty, Ann (Frenchpark) (Wedding) 22-07-1970Cooper, Dennis and Hilary 2002Coppinger, John and Mary (50th Anniversary) 1998Coppinger, John and Mary (Lisacul - 50th Anniversary) 1998Corcoran (50th Anniversary - Fairymount) 1980Corcoran 04-09-1961Corcoran 1963Corcoran, Ger and Mary (25th Anniversary) 2001Cormac (60th Birthday) 2003Costello (40th Anniversary - Don Arms, Castlerea) 1982Costello (Ballinlough) 1993Costello (Girls with Dog) 1995Costello, Canon (Ballyhaunis) 1988Costello, J. (Loughglynn - Communion) 22-06-1974Costello, Johnny and Agnes (Wedding - Castlerea) 1961Costello, Mary (Communion) 1997Costello, Mary (Loughglynn - 88th Birthday) 1995Costello, Mulligan (50th Anniversary - Tully's) 1989Costello, Pat (Family) 03-08-1976Courtney, Noel and O'Hara, Evelyn (Wedding - Knock) 20-12-1969Coyle (Cars) 1998Coyne (25th Anniversary - Don Arms) 1987Coyne (Castlerea) 1957Coyne (Clonberne) (Wedding)Coyne (Communion) 1979Coyne (Frenchpark - Communion) 08-07-1976Coyne 1959Coyne, Dan and Keaveney, Margaret (Wedding - Glinsk) 1964Coyne, Joe (Castlerea Post Office Retirement) 2000Coyne, Katie (Creggs) 30-06-1961Coyne, Mary Margaret 1967Coyne, Mary Mgt. 1972Coyne, Vera (Post Office Retirement) 1998Crawley, Brendan and O'Shaughnessy, Danny (Handball) 1983Crawley, John (Garda Retirement - Tully's) 1999Crawley-Burke 1960Crean (Ballaghaderreen - Wedding Anniversary) 1994Creaton (Fairymount) 1962Creaton (Loughglynn) 1981Creaton (Wedding - Fairymount) (1)Creaton (Wedding - Fairymount) (2)Cregg (50th Anniversary - Don Arms) 1990Cregg (Baby, Ballinlough) 1974Cregg (Ballinlough - 50th Anniversary) 1987Cregg, Elaine (Ballyhaunis School Award) 1997Cregg, Josephine (Dancing Trophies) 1987Creggs, Mary (100th Birthday) 1994Creighton (Castlerea Communion) 1993Creighton (Tully's Hotel)Creighton 1961Creighton, Andrew and Brenda (Wedding - Loughglynn) 1960Creighton, Michael (Girls) 1995Creighton, Rev. Fr. 1991Cribben, Jim (70th Birthday) 1990Cribbon, Fr. (Ordination - Ballyhaunis) 1985Croghan (Christening - Castlerea Church) 1969Croghan (Christening, Castlerea) 1974Croghan 1957Croghan 1960'sCroghan, Johnny (Christening)Croghan, Maidie 1959Croghan-Glynn 1959Cronin, Fr. Con (Demesne) 1999Crowe, Catherine (Ballaghaderreen Handwriting Winner) 1994Crowhill, Tom (Williamstown) 1961Cruise (Ballyhaunis Teacher Retirement) 1994Cruise, Peter (50th Anniversary) 1990Cryan (Lisacul - Confirmation) 2004Cryan, Jack (This Is Your Life) 1990Cryan, Joe and Greene, K. (Wedding - Ballinagar) 07-11-1968Cryan, John and Doyle, Mick (Castlerea Tully's Party) 1986Cuddy 1990Cuffe (50th Anniversary) 1990Cullinan (Bekan) 2004Cummins (Baby) 1996Cummins (Ballinagar) 13-08-1976Cummins 18-07-1981Cummins 1956Cummins 1958Cummins 1964Cummins 1978Cummins 1982Cummins 1990'sCummins, Larry 1968Cummins, Magella (Baby) 1996Cummins, Margaret (Baby) 1981Cummins, Paddy (Lottery Cheque) 1987Cunnane (Athlone Wedding) 1963Cunnane (Ballyhaunis) 1990Cunnane (Insurance) 1999Cunnane 1962Cunnane 1963Cunnane 2001Cunnane, Lorna (Dancing) 07-03-1981Cunnane, Louise (Studio) 11-2004Cunnane, Rita (Baby - Tulsk) 1998Cunnane, S. 1959Cunningham (Ballinlough) (Wedding) 29-06-1968Curley (Ballyhaunis - Communion) 1975Curley (Ballyhaunis) 1988Curley (Ballyhaunis) 1997Curley (Ballyhaunis) 2004Curley (Communion) 1989Curley 1987Curley, Anne (Ballyhaunis Golf) 1999Curley, Burt and Kelly, Evelyn (Wedding - Ballyforan) 28-10-1972Curley, Emma (Engagement) 2001Curley, Jim and Kay (40th Anniversary) 1989Curley, M. (Ballyhaunis) and McGowan, Frances (Wedding) 30-04-1970Curley, Michael (Ballyhaunis Golf Presentation) 1994Curley, Pauline (Ballyhaunis) 1991Curley, Pauline (Ballyhaunis) 2003Curran (Castlerea)Curran (Communion) 1992Curran (Pioneers) 1986Curran 1956Curran 1958Curran 1961Curran 1985Curran and Glynn 1963Curran and Mulligan 1964Curran, Eddie (Christening) 27-01-1974Curran, Frank and Margaret (Baby) 20-04-1973Curran, G. and Daly, P. (Wedding) 18-07-1970Curran, Geraldine 1972Curran, J. (Baby) 10-01-1975Curran, Joe and Curran, Geraldine (Wedding) 1971Curran, Pauline 1960Curran, Peggy (Sam Maguire) 1998Curran, Peggy and Glynn, Paul 1956Curran, Sgt. (Presentation) 1987Curran, Shane (School Safety Awards) 1994Curran, Shane 18-07-1976Curran, Shane 1994Curran-Kennedy 1957Curren 1962Cusack (Wedding - Newbridge) 14-08-1960Cuttle, Geraldine and Majella (Studio) 1980