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(Ballinaheglish) and Keavney (Ballintubber) (Wedding) 25-04-1970Fergus, Dr. and Kerrigan, Ann (Wedding) 25-02-1970Fetherston (Confirmation) 1971Fetherston 1956Filan, Lilly (Wedding) 1971Finan (21st Birthday - Don Arms) 1992Finan (70th Birthday) 2000Finan (Anniversary - Tully's, Castlerea) 1997Finan (Baby) 1984Finan (Ballinasloe - Presentation) 1998Finan (Christening) 1984Finan (Communion) 1986Finan (Communion) 1991Finan (Dog Trophy) 1997Finan (Granlahan - Boys) 1993Finan (Granlahan) 1993Finan (Tarmon) 1995Finan and Murray and Harte (Christening) 1983Finan, Basil (Children) 1989Finan, Basil and Celia 1985Finan, Bob and Reilly (Wedding - Ballymoe) 21-02-1976Finan, Martha (James Henry Perpetual Cup) 2000Finch (Baby) 06-01-1971Finch 1956Finch 1960Finch, Billy and Williams, Mary (Wedding - Athenry) 04-08-1969Finch, Edward (Baby) 23-09-1977Finch, Lorna (6th Birthday Party) 10-05-1976Finch, Lorna (7th Birthday Party) 1977Finch, Lorna (Communion) 23-09-1977Finlin 1959Finn (40th Anniversary) 1987Finn (Ballyhaunis) 19-06-1980Finn, John (Ballintubber - Cahill's SuperValu Car Giveaway) 1984Finn, Patrick (Fairymount) (Wedding) 10-01-1970Finn, Regina (Family Reunion - Fairymount Church) 1997Finn, Stephen (Ballyhaunis) 2000Finn, Tom (Ballyhaunis - Graduation) 1990Finnegan (Abbey, Roscommon) 1996Finnegan (Confirmation) 1985Finnegan (Dancing Trophies) 1984Finnegan (Girls) 09-12-1975Finnegan (Williamstown) 22-10-1977Finnegan, Bishop and O'Connor Clan 1988Finnegan, Jimmy (Roscommon) 2000Finnegan, Martin (Wedding)Finnegan, Michael (Ballyhaunis Brewery Retirement) 2000Finnegan, Willy 1969Finneran (Roscommon) 1969Finneran (Wedding - Castlerea) 1962Finneran 2000Finneran, Martina (Roscommon All-Stars) 1997Finnigan (Tarmon) 1961Fitzgerald (Ballinlough) 1961Fitzgerald (Ballyhaunis - Communion) 1996Fitzgerald (Ballyhaunis Grad) 1987Fitzgerald (Children) 1973Fitzgerald, Dr. (Retirement) 1992Fitzgerald, Edward and Marie (Wedding)Fitzgerald, Fr. 2000Fitzgerald, Fr. 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JJ (Garda) 1990'sFlannery, M. (Ballaghaderreen) 09-04-1977Flannery, S. (50th Anniversary)Flannery, Tommie (Wedding - Ballaghaderreen) 23-07-1969Flatley (Wedding - Knock) 28-02-1962Flatley, Seamus (Weding)Fleming (Gurteen) 1989Flemming (Cloonfad) 1984Flemming, Helen (Makeover) 1996Flynn (Anniversary - Tully's, Castlerea) 2003Flynn (Baby) 1992Flynn (Ballyhaunis) 1997Flynn (Ballymoe) 1994Flynn (Children) 1980Flynn (Communion) 1994Flynn (Don Arms) 1993Flynn (Frechpark) 01-07-1979Flynn (Studio) 1998Flynn (Tarmon - 50th Anniversary) 2003Flynn (Tarmon - Anniversary) 2003Flynn (Tarmon) 1987Flynn 15-11-1978Flynn 1959Flynn 1961Flynn 1962Flynn 1970'sFlynn 1985Flynn and Brady 1989Flynn, Bishop (Ballaghaderreen) 1977Flynn, Bishop (Ballaghaderren) 1989Flynn, Bishop (Book Launch) 1997Flynn, Bishop (Ordination - Ballaghaderreen) 1977Flynn, Bishop (Presentation) 1977Flynn, Bishop 1994Flynn, Fr. (GAA)Flynn, JJ 1956Flynn, John (Fish) 1987Flynn, John 1982Flynn, Josephine (Presentation) 1995Flynn, Josephine 1977Flynn, Linda 1957Flynn-GannonFlynn-McSharry, Marie (Horse)Fogerty, Anne Terese 1993Foley (Christening) 2001Foley (Communion) 1987Foley (House) 1998Foley, Mattie (Fishing Trophy) 1987Follard, Ann and Seamus (Wedding - Ballyhaunis) 04-08-1970Foodey, Fr. Mick 09-06-1976Ford (Birthday - Manor House) 1991Ford, John and Patterson, Maura (Golf) 1997Forde and Ryan (Ballintubber) 1956Fox (Baby) 1970'sFox (Birthday) 1960'sFox (Children) 1983Fox (Communion) 1979Fox (Dancing) 22-09-1978Fox (Dancing) 1981Fox 03-1980Fox 1994Fox, F. (Baby) 1975Fox, Freda (Baby Prize) 20-09-1973Fox, Freda (Celebration) 28-07-1973Fox, Freda (Communion) 25-06-1973Fox, Freda (Studio) 1999Fox, Freda (Tidy Towns Award) 2003Fox, Freda 1976Fox, Freda 1984Fox, Freda 2000Fox, Frieda (Baby) 29-06-1980Fox, Paddy (Funeral) 1988Fox, Paddy and Freda (Child) 13-07-1974Fox, Paddy and Freda 1969Francis, Fr. (First Mass) 1994Freeley (Ballyhaunis) 18-05-1977Freeley (Ballyhaunis) 2001Freeley, Anne (Golf Trophy) 2004Freeley, Connor 1993Freeley, Pat 2005Freeley, Patrick 1991Freely (Ballyhaunis - 25th Anniversary) 01-02-1976Freely, Pat (Ballyhaunis) 2001Freeman, John and Beirne, Elizabeth (Wedding - Knock Church) 01-07-1969Freeman, Miko and Kitty (Ballinagare - 50th Anniversary) 2003Freeman, R. (Loughglynn) 04-02-1976Freyne (Ballyhaunis) 1977Freyne (Ballyhaunis) 2005Freyne (Communion) 2004Freyne (Old Car) 1991Freyne and Morley (Christening - Ballyhaunis) 1977Freyne, Mickey (Jersey Presentation) 1989Freyne-Harte (Strike) 1959Fuerty Brewry (Ballyhaunis)