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Modified 30-May-13
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1990-05-16 RH Dominick Connelly, lamb warming box from Gerry Coffey Sales PG1990-05-16 RH Family Reunion (Glynn's Photography)1990-05-16 RH Gerard O'Loughlin Photography1990-05-16 RH img4421990-05-16 RH img4431990-05-16 RH img4441990-05-16 RH img4451990-05-16 RH img4471990-05-16 RH img4491990-05-16 RH img4501990-05-16 RH img4511990-05-16 RH img4551990-05-16 RH Patricia Tully Frenchpark Guild of the I.C.A. (PG)1990-05-16 RH St . Dominics U 16 Co Football Champions1990-05-16 RH St. Domanics Camogie U 16 Champions