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1990-09-07 RH Bishop Thomas O Flynn receaving a framed membership certificate with the O Flynn Coat of arms1990-09-07 RH Chris Mc Hugh Glynsk Presentation1990-09-07 RH img2161990-09-07 RH img2171990-09-07 RH img2191990-09-07 RH img2201990-09-07 RH img2211990-09-07 RH img2221990-09-07 RH img2231990-09-07 RH img2241990-09-07 RH img2251990-09-07 RH img2261990-09-07 RH img2271990-09-07 RH img2281990-09-07 RH img2291990-09-07 RH img2301990-09-07 RH img2321990-09-07 RH img2331990-09-07 RH img2341990-09-07 RH img235