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1993-08-13 RH beryl and christina guckon1993-08-13 RH billy flynn kilkannin1993-08-13 RH glinsk song contest1993-08-13 RH img0011993-08-13 RH img0021993-08-13 RH img0031993-08-13 RH img0041993-08-13 RH img2021993-08-13 RH img2061993-08-13 RH img2111993-08-13 RH img2121993-08-13 RH img2141993-08-13 RH img2161993-08-13 RH img2171993-08-13 RH img2211993-08-13 RH kitrons boys under 12 soccer champ1993-08-13 RH marie hanmore cowely1993-08-13 RH mary anne lee1993-08-13 RH mayo and ros hospice ball1993-08-13 RH queens of bridge