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Modified 9-May-14
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1994-06-03 RH CIRAN HENRY DOG TAUDY1994-06-03 RH diplomacy community developement1994-06-03 RH FAS tRAINING AWARD1994-06-03 RH FIONA FALLON STOKESTOWN WINNER IN PROJECT DRUGS1994-06-03 RH FOUR MILE  HOUSE NAUGHTON1994-06-03 RH img1011994-06-03 RH img1021994-06-03 RH img1761994-06-03 RH img1801994-06-03 RH img1811994-06-03 RH img1821994-06-03 RH img1981994-06-03 RH John Connolly CASTLEREA1994-06-03 RH KARL FREYNE AND DOG MAX1994-06-03 RH MAIRE AT THE HELM IN NEW PIRISON1994-06-03 RH MARIE G QUINN O,REILLY CONSTRUCTION ,CO1994-06-03 RH MARIE QUINN UNVEILING NEW PLAQUE AT PRISON1994-06-03 RH PAUL FYLNN TOM WALSH, KERIAN MADDIGAN, ANTHONY CAHILL AND TOM GOODWIN1994-06-03 RH Poster display outside castlerea1994-06-03 RH RONAN CARLEY WINNER STOKESTOWN POSTER FOR DRUGS