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1987-01-16 RH Aileen O'Connel1987-01-16 RH Carol Howie1987-01-16 RH Chris Mannion pres manchester-roscommon assoc Mary Butler wife chairman michael butler Gertie mannion Brian Mallolly chair Ros Co. Co1987-01-16 RH Elizabeth Cunningham1987-01-16 RH Four chairmen of ros. association l-r Martin keane, eddie maughtow, dave higgins and michael butler1987-01-16 RH img4551987-01-16 RH img5321987-01-16 RH img5331987-01-16 RH img5341987-01-16 RH img5351987-01-16 RH img5361987-01-16 RH img5391987-01-16 RH img5401987-01-16 RH img5411987-01-16 RH img5421987-01-16 RH img5431987-01-16 RH img5461987-01-16 RH img5471987-01-16 RH img5481987-01-16 RH img549