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1999-02-03 RH Anita Canrlos1999-02-03 RH Castlerea Community School1999-02-03 RH Castlerea Lady Birds1999-02-03 RH Emer Morris Roscommon1999-02-03 RH Four Roads Junior County Final Winners1999-02-03 RH Gerry Griffin (left) Club President Johnny Moran1999-02-03 RH Harry and Phil Coyle Knockcroghery, Irene and Eaiuest Mouson Boyle1999-02-03 RH img0251999-02-03 RH img0271999-02-03 RH img0281999-02-03 RH img0291999-02-03 RH img0301999-02-03 RH img0311999-02-03 RH img0321999-02-03 RH img0331999-02-03 RH img0341999-02-03 RH img0351999-02-03 RH img0361999-02-03 RH img0371999-02-03 RH img038