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1990-07-20 RH 1966 the castlerea band who won the Feis in Sligo1990-07-20 RH A party of 27 cyclists from Sonlac Sur Mer visited Castlerea on their 1000 KM cycle1990-07-20 RH Austin Smith (Chairman) Anne Marie Keenan Chris Hannon, President1990-07-20 RH Children from Loughglynn school holy Communion1990-07-20 RH img1691990-07-20 RH img1711990-07-20 RH img1741990-07-20 RH img1751990-07-20 RH img1771990-07-20 RH img1781990-07-20 RH img1791990-07-20 RH img1801990-07-20 RH img1811990-07-20 RH img1821990-07-20 RH img1831990-07-20 RH img1861990-07-20 RH Press confrience to launch the programme for the Castlerea international rose festival1990-07-20 RH the team of 38 athletes representing Connacht European olympic in Straightclyde Scotland