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1990-05-25 RH 1939 team1990-05-25 RH Be Active Day held in Castlerea (PG)1990-05-25 RH Book img1011990-05-25 RH Castlerea U-16 Football1990-05-25 RH Castlerea Woodworking img0951990-05-25 RH Communion img0971990-05-25 RH Communion img1021990-05-25 RH Footbal img0861990-05-25 RH Football img0851990-05-25 RH Football img0941990-05-25 RH French students who visited Castlerea with members of the town twining committe (PG)1990-05-25 RH John Duffy (Kilmovee) Rita Cassidy (Balla) Margaret O'Gara (Balla) Eilleen Conroy (Elphin),Be Active Day, Don Arms (PG)1990-05-25 RH Margaret Nicholson, Kathleen Regan, Imelda Hunt, Pauline Hussey (Boyle), 'Be Active Day', Don Arms (PG)1990-05-25 RH Maureen Kenny, Irene Mulligan Tom Mulligan, Breege Regan prizes 'Be Active Day' Castlerea (PG)1990-05-25 RH Michael Connaughton Photography1990-05-25 RH Tom Hayden, Paddy Vasey, Mary Vasey Tom Fox, all Ballaghaderreen, 'Be Active Day' Castlerea (PG)1990-05-25 RH wed_img0871990-05-25 RH wed_img0881990-05-25 RH wed_img0891990-05-25 RH wed_img092