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1990-04-27 RH Bros. of Charity cheque img9431990-04-27 RH Damien McCabe Boxing Champion img9441990-04-27 RH Dancing (GOL)1990-04-27 RH Dancing img9451990-04-27 RH Finola Harte (Castlerea) at the weigh in sponsored by Weight Loss Aid and Social Services Castlerea (PG)1990-04-27 RH Hanly Bros. Jersey img9511990-04-27 RH Nissan img9411990-04-27 RH Nun img9481990-04-27 RH Old Train img9471990-04-27 RH Scoil Pheadair Reunion (P.J. Murray Photographer)1990-04-27 RH wed_img9421990-04-27 RH wed_img946