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1997-03-21 RH abbey hotel roscomon1997-03-21 RH ballaghadreen1997-03-21 RH boyle musical1997-03-21 RH boyle musical (2)1997-03-21 RH boyle musical (3)1997-03-21 RH boyle musical 971997-03-21 RH boyle piano awards1997-03-21 RH chamber boyle1997-03-21 RH children from stepping stone ballaghadreen1997-03-21 RH credit union poster winner roscommon1997-03-21 RH dolphin sub aqua club1997-03-21 RH donal carroll player of the year kilmore1997-03-21 RH eden hoouse french park1997-03-21 RH guards st pats day mass roscommon (2)1997-03-21 RH holland auctioneering pres to roscommon gaa1997-03-21 RH image 401997-03-21 RH img5371997-03-21 RH img5421997-03-21 RH img5431997-03-21 RH img557