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Modified 29-May-13
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1987-01-30 RH cage pike catch1987-01-30 RH castlerea musical1987-01-30 RH castlerea musical (2)1987-01-30 RH etna quinn1987-01-30 RH james harte baslick castlerea1987-01-30 RH ncf social lough gara hotel ballaghadreen1987-01-30 RH ncf social lough gara hotel ballaghadreen (2)1987-01-30 RH o callaghan cup1987-01-30 RH open christmas draw held in michel gunning store1987-01-30 RH presentation of coggeran memorial cup ballaghadreen area1987-01-30 RH scor na nog1987-01-30 RH tom and catherine 50th wedding anniversary