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1998-03-04 RH Angela Naughton makes a presentation to M.P. Neol Dempsey1998-03-04 RH At Mentally Handicapped A.G.M.  (Pic. Aisling Leydon)1998-03-04 RH At mentally handicapped A.G.M. held in Hyde centre Ros. (Pic. Aisling Leydon)1998-03-04 RH Band img2891998-03-04 RH Boyle Town Study img2661998-03-04 RH Boyle Town Study img2681998-03-04 RH Boyle Town Study img2721998-03-04 RH Boyle Town Study img2871998-03-04 RH Boyle Town Study img2901998-03-04 RH Boyle Town Study img2921998-03-04 RH Boyle Town Study Opening1998-03-04 RH Carrick Centre1998-03-04 RH Convent of Mercy School student, launch Daffidol Day, Gleesons, Ros (Pic. Aisling Leydon)1998-03-04 RH Daffodil Day img2861998-03-04 RH Darts Committee1998-03-04 RH Darts img2761998-03-04 RH Darts img2821998-03-04 RH Eddie Naughton1998-03-04 RH Football img2851998-03-04 RH Foxe, Ward