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1992-09-18 RH Best Mare, Elphin (Christy Regan Photographer)1992-09-18 RH Blind Presentation1992-09-18 RH Cam Celtic Div 11992-09-18 RH Campion Shorthorn , Paddy Farrell (CR)1992-09-18 RH Castlerea Youth Centre Opening (PG)1992-09-18 RH Div 2 League1992-09-18 RH Dr. John O'Connell, opening Brothers of Charity new building, Roscommon1992-09-18 RH Food Collection for Samolia at Lisacul (PG)1992-09-18 RH Football (P. Bracken Press Photographer)1992-09-18 RH Football P.Bracken Press Photographer1992-09-18 RH Goal Scorers1992-09-18 RH Margaret O'Grady, Mairead Dolan, Jenifer Braden opening of Castlerea youth cantre (PG)1992-09-18 RH Natalie & Ronan Curran at the Youth Centre opening in Castlerea (PG)1992-09-18 RH Skyvalley Rovers1992-09-18 RH Strokestown Agri-show Amanda Hunt Winner Junior Miss Comp. (P. Bracken Press)1992-09-18 RH Strokestown Community Alert (CR)1992-09-18 RH War Exhibition (CR)1992-09-18 RH wed_img1891992-09-18 RH wed_img1901992-09-18 RH wed_img196