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1994-05-25 RH 'Duffy's supermarket' supporting the St.Pats Day parade (PG)1994-05-25 RH Agness of God, Castlerea (Glynn's Photography)1994-05-25 RH Area Aid1994-05-25 RH Balla New Post Primary School St. Patrick's Day Parade (PG)1994-05-25 RH Balla St. Patrick's Parade (PG)1994-05-25 RH Balla, Parade (Glynn's Photography)1994-05-25 RH C.B.S., Abbeytown, Roscommon1994-05-25 RH Cycling img2471994-05-25 RH David Drake enjoying the St. Pats Day Parade in Balla (PG)1994-05-25 RH Doug Rodden Elphin1994-05-25 RH Elphin, McGrath, Casserly1994-05-25 RH Eoin O'Loughlin (PG)1994-05-25 RH img2481994-05-25 RH img2511994-05-25 RH img2561994-05-25 RH img2571994-05-25 RH Lynch Roofing, Taoiseach Albert Reynolds, Sean Doherty1994-05-25 RH Mayo-Roscommon Hospice, Michael Doherty Photography1994-05-25 RH P.J. Murray Photographer1994-05-25 RH Padraig Farrell