Major site update March 28, 2014

March 28, 2014  •  3 Comments
We have just updated the Glynn's Photography Historical website with over 1,000 new photographs from our archive.

Below is the full list of updates.

The list includes new galleries or existing galleries that have new photographs added to them.


FAMILY & PEOPLE\B\Beirne, Padraig (Knockroe - Christening) 1987
FAMILY & PEOPLE\B\Boyd, Liam (Family - Ballinasloe) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\B\Brady, Angela (Ballintubber Teacher Retirement) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\B\Bruen, Des (Roscommon) 16-08-1980
FAMILY & PEOPLE\C\Carty (Ballaghaderreen) 1994
FAMILY & PEOPLE\C\Carty, Andy and Howley, Angela (Ballygar - Wedding) 30-11-1968
FAMILY & PEOPLE\C\Cassidy 20-08-1980
FAMILY & PEOPLE\C\Connolly (Ballyhaunis) 1994
FAMILY & PEOPLE\E\Eddie (Pakistan) 1989
FAMILY & PEOPLE\F\Fitzpatrick 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\F\Flynn (Tarmon - 50th Anniversary) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\F\Flynn 1985
FAMILY & PEOPLE\F\Flynn, Bishop 1994
FAMILY & PEOPLE\F\Foley, Mattie (Fishing Trophy) 1987
FAMILY & PEOPLE\F\Fox, Freda (Tidy Towns Award) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\F\Freeman, Miko and Kitty (Ballinagare - 50th Anniversary) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\G\Ganley, Mary (Car) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\G\Gaynor (Laundry Service) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\G\Gunning and Hayden 1960
FAMILY & PEOPLE\H\Haugh and McHugh (Wedding - Belmont) 1996
FAMILY & PEOPLE\H\Hayden and Gunning 1960
FAMILY & PEOPLE\H\Hester (Mart Retirement) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\H\Hester 1985
FAMILY & PEOPLE\H\Hunt, John 1960's
FAMILY & PEOPLE\J\Joyce, Breda 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Keane (Cloonfad - 50th Anniversary) 1994
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Kelly 1980
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Kelly, Rosaleen (Ballyhaunis) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Kilcommons 1985
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Kilvine (80th Birthday - Keane's, Cloonfad) 1994
FAMILY & PEOPLE\L\Lavin, Irene (Miss Frenchpark) 1975
FAMILY & PEOPLE\L\Law, Bill (Graduation) 1987
FAMILY & PEOPLE\L\Lyons (Communion) 1993
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\Malone 1994
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\McDonagh 1985
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\McNamara, Kathleen (House) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\McSharry (Studio) 1987
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\Myles, Garda Tom (Studio) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\O\O'Connor 1987
FAMILY & PEOPLE\O\O'Gara, Mary (Castlerea Golf Trophy) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\O\O'Neill, Joe (Glenamaddy) 1984
FAMILY & PEOPLE\P\Padgen (Communion) 1985
FAMILY & PEOPLE\Q\Quigley, Eileen (11th Birthday) 1987
FAMILY & PEOPLE\Q\Quigley, Elizabeth and Eugene (Birthday) 1987
FAMILY & PEOPLE\R\Rafique 1989
FAMILY & PEOPLE\R\Raftery 1990
FAMILY & PEOPLE\R\Raftery, Noel (Family) 1987
FAMILY & PEOPLE\S\Silver (21st Birthday) 2003
FAMILY & PEOPLE\T\Treacy 08-08-1980
BALLAGHADERREEN\Ballaghaderreen (General)\Ballaghaderreen Work Experience 2003
BALLAGHADERREEN\Ballaghaderreen Businesses\Ballaghaderreen NCF Award 1994
Ballinagar\Ballinagar Basketball Camp 2003
BALLINLOUGH\Ballinlough (General)\Ballinlough Comhaltas 2002
BALLINLOUGH\Ballinlough (General)\Ballinlough County Council 2002
BALLINLOUGH\Ballinlough (General)\Ballinlough Special Needs Committee 2003
BALLINLOUGH\Ballinlough Fishing\Ballinlough Lake 2003 (2)
BALLINLOUGH\Ballinlough Sports\Ballinlough Michael Glavey's Presentation 2003
BALLINTUBBER\Ballintubber Communions\Ballintubber Communion 2005
BALLINTUBBER\Ballintubber Schools\Ballintubber School 2001
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis Chamber of Commerce 1985
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis Chamber of Commerce 2003
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis France Twinning Signing 1985
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis Macra na Feirme 2003
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis Manchester Twinning 2002
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis Tidy Towns Awards 2002
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Sports\Ballyhaunis Golf\Ballyhaunis Golf 2003
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Sports\Ballyhaunis Golf\Ballyhaunis Golf Captain 1994
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Sports\Ballyhaunis Golf\Ballyhaunis Golf Captains 2002
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Sports\Ballyhaunis Golf\Ballyhaunis Golf Open Week 1999
Ballymacurley\Ballymacurley Communion 1992
Bekan\Bekan National School 1980
CASTLEREA\Castlerea (General)\Castlerea Christening 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea (General)\Castlerea Christmas Children 2002
CASTLEREA\Castlerea (General)\Castlerea Enterprise 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea (General)\Castlerea FETAC 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea (General)\Castlerea IFA 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea (General)\Castlerea Rehab Presentation 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea (General)\Castlerea Senior Christmas Party 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea (General)\Castlerea Tidy Towns Awards 1994
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Banks\Roscommon AIB 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Brass & Reed Band\Castlerea Brass & Reed Band 1994
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Businesses\Castlerea Benny's Deli 1994
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Businesses\Castlerea Cahill's SuperValu 1985
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Businesses\Castlerea Harmac Cheque 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Communions\Castlerea Communion 1981
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Communions\Castlerea Communion 1985
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Communions\Castlerea Communion 1986
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Communions\Castlerea Communion 1987
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Communions\Castlerea Communion 1992
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Communions\Castlerea Communion 1994
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Community School\Castlerea Community School Opening 1995
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Community School\Castlerea Community School Photos Exhibition 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Confirmations\Castlerea Confirmation 1985
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Confirmations\Castlerea Confirmation 1986
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Confirmations\Castlerea Confirmation 1992
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Credit Union\Castlerea Credit Union Cheque 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Dances & Grads\Castlerea Grad 1994
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Dances & Grads\Castlerea Grad 1997
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Festivals & Roses\Castlerea Festival 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Ivy House\Castlerea Ivy House Special Olympics Medalist 1985
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Plays & Musicals\Castlerea Play (Marist Brothers) 1960's
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Sports\Castlerea GAA Callaghan Cup 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Sports\Castlerea Special Olympics Committee 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Weddings\Castlerea Wedding 1959 (6)
Claremorris\Claremorris Ladies Golf 2002
Clooneycolgan\Clooneycolgan Communion 1992
Clooneycolgan\Clooneycolgan Communion 2003
Cloonfad\Cloonfad Tug-O-War 1985
Creggs\Creggs National School 2001
Glenamaddy\Glenamaddy Ardeevin School (Cycling) 2003
Glinsk\Glinsk Ballincurry Handball Alley 2001
Kilmurray\Kilmurray Community Group 2003
Kilmurray\Kilmurray Wedding 1963 (1)
Kilmurray\Kilmurray Wedding 1963 (3)
Knock\Knock Children 2002
Knock\Knock Hospice Christmas Tree Lights 2003
Knock\Knock Mayo-Roscommon Hospice 2003
Leinster\Leinster U-15 Hurling 2002
Lisacul\Lisacul Church 1989
LOUGHGLYNN\Loughglynn Convent\Loughglynn Convent 2003
LOUGHGLYNN\Loughglynn Sports\Loughglynn GAA 2003
LOUGHGLYNN\Loughglynn Sports\Loughlgynn Eire Og GAA Awards 2002
Mayo\Mayo U-16 Connacht Football Champions (Ted Webb Memorial Cup) 1984
POLITICS\Fianna Fail Roscommon Convention 2003
POLITICS\Fine Gael Roscommon (Enda Kenny) 2003
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon Active Age 2003
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon Agricultural Show 2003
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon EBS Handwriting 2003
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon Gael Linn Awards 2002
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon Herald Presentation 2002
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon IFA Dinner Dance (Abbey) 2002
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon Mental Health Association Cheque 2003
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon Ros Equal 2003
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon Tidy Towns 2003
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon-Mayo Hospice (Into the West - M'Lady Erin) 2003
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon-Mayo Hospice AGM 2003
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon Sports\Roscommon Races 1960's
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon Sports\Roscommon Special Olympics Awards 2003
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon Weddings\Roscommon Wedding (Abbey) 2003
UNKNOWN COLLECTION\Unknown 1980s Collection\1987 Unknown Collection\Unknown Baby (Studio) 1987
UNKNOWN COLLECTION\Unknown 1980s Collection\1987 Unknown Collection\Unknown Lipstick Girl (Studio) 1987
Williamstown\Williamstown Post Office 1994


A provincial wedding party setting is an extraordinary decision in the event that you need a special wedding party scene. These scenes are ideal for making a cozy climate. A large number of our clients pick this kind of setting since they believe their visitors should feel like family when they go to their party. A natural wedding party scene can likewise be truly paramount on the off chance that has been designed with antique furnishings and collectibles that are passed down from one age to another.
Brendan Dunne(non-registered)
I live in Hamilton,Ontario,Canada, and shared various flats with Michael(Mick) Glynn from 1966 till our graduation from UCD in 1969. I would love to make contact with him again If it is any help he was from Cloonfad and his wife's name was Rose.
Marie Kilcommons(non-registered)
Absolutely fabulous. I could spend hours looking at the galleries. Keep up the good work.
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