Major site update February 20, 2014

February 20, 2014  •  2 Comments
We have just updated the Glynn's Photography Historical website with over 1,000 new photographs from our archive.

Below is the full list of updates.

The list includes new galleries or existing galleries that have new photographs added to them.

The list also includes photographs from the Unknown Collection that have been named on the website, on Facebook and in studio.



FAMILY & PEOPLE\B\Beatty, Michael 1968
FAMILY & PEOPLE\B\Boland, Eamon (Presentation - Castlerea GAA Center) 1997
FAMILY & PEOPLE\B\Brennan, Micky (Cloonfad Handball U-12 Winner) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\B\Browne, Margaret 1960's
FAMILY & PEOPLE\B\Buckley, Mary (Studio) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\B\Byron 1958
FAMILY & PEOPLE\C\Callaghan, Tom (Retirement - Tully's) 2000
FAMILY & PEOPLE\C\Colleran, Jacintha (Makeover) 12-03-2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\C\Conway (Claremorris - Communion) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\C\Costello, Johnny and Agnes (Wedding - Castlerea) 1961
FAMILY & PEOPLE\C\Croghan 1960's
FAMILY & PEOPLE\C\Croghan, Maidie 1959
FAMILY & PEOPLE\D\Doyle 1958
FAMILY & PEOPLE\D\Duignan, Paddy and Mary 1969
FAMILY & PEOPLE\F\Flynn, Bishop (Book Launch) 1997
FAMILY & PEOPLE\F\Fox (Birthday) 1960's
FAMILY & PEOPLE\F\Fox, Paddy and Freda 1969
FAMILY & PEOPLE\G\Gannon, Anne 1959
FAMILY & PEOPLE\G\Gaynor, Tommy 1997
FAMILY & PEOPLE\G\Grennen, Richerd and Anne (Lisacul - Wedding)
FAMILY & PEOPLE\H\Hanley, Roseanna (Irish Ladies Fishing) 1999
FAMILY & PEOPLE\H\Hennessy (Loughglynn) 1988
FAMILY & PEOPLE\H\Hopkins, Tom (Ballyhaunis) 1997
FAMILY & PEOPLE\H\Hunt (Castleplunkett - Confirmation) 1986
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Keane (50th Anniversary - Hell's Kitchen) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Keane, Pete (Wedding - Glinsk) 1961
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Keavney, Eileen 1959
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Keegan, Kathleen 1958
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Keily, Maureen (Nurse Retirement) 2000
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Kelly, Rosaleen (Studio) 2000
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Kelly, Sean and Cullinan, Teresa (Wedding) 1961
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Kenny (Ballintubber - Communion) 2005
FAMILY & PEOPLE\K\Kilcommons, Larry (Creggs) 1985
FAMILY & PEOPLE\L\Lyons (Ballyhaunis - 40th Birthday) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\L\Lyons (Ballyhaunis - Communion) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\L\Lyons (Ballyhaunis - Communion) 2005
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\McDermott, Henry and Molly 1958
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\McDermott, Maureen and Deirdre 1958
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\McDonagh (Ballyhaunis - Birthday) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\McDonagh, Eileen (Ballyhaunis - Communion) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\Morgan, Padraig (Castlerea Lotto Winner) 1997
FAMILY & PEOPLE\M\Murren, Fiona (Dancing Award) 1997
FAMILY & PEOPLE\N\Neary 1958
FAMILY & PEOPLE\O\O'Connor, John (Frenchpark) 2001
FAMILY & PEOPLE\O\O'Flynn, Michael (Studio) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\O\O'Hara, Deborah (Ballaghaderreen Hairdresser) 1999
FAMILY & PEOPLE\O\O'Keefe (Roscommon) 2002
FAMILY & PEOPLE\R\Rabbitt, Maureen 1958
FAMILY & PEOPLE\R\Raftery, Noel (Loughglynn Handball) 1997
FAMILY & PEOPLE\T\Tully 1958
FAMILY & PEOPLE\T\Tully 2003
BALLAGHADERREEN\Ballaghaderreen (General)\Ballaghaderreen Christmas Arrangements 1999
BALLAGHADERREEN\Ballaghaderreen (General)\Ballaghaderreen VEC Presentation 1997
BALLAGHADERREEN\Ballaghaderreen Sports\Ballaghaderreen Ladies Fourball Golf 2002
BALLAGHADERREEN\Ballaghaderreen Youth Reach\Ballaghaderreen Youth Reach 1997
Ballinagar\Ballinagar Community Centre Meeting 1997
Ballinagar\Ballinagar School 2002
Ballinaheglish\Ballinaheglish Communion 2002
Ballindine\Ballindine Communion 2002
BALLINLOUGH\Ballinlough Cheque Presentation 1997
BALLINLOUGH\Ballinlough Communion 2002
BALLINLOUGH\Ballinlough Communion 2003
BALLINLOUGH\Ballinlough Michael Glavey's GAA Dinner (Belmont, Knock) 1997
BALLINTUBBER\Ballintubber Communion 2002
BALLINTUBBER\Ballintubber Communion 2005
BALLINTUBBER\Ballintubber Presentation (Garvey's Bar) 1997
BALLINTUBBER\Ballintubber Tidy Towns 2002
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis Building 1997
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis Chamber of Commerce 1997
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis Festival 2002
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis France Twinning (Ballinlough) 2000
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis (General)\Ballyhaunis New Year's Dinner 1997
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Businesses\Ballyhaunis Brewery Presentation 2002
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Businesses\Ballyhaunis Brewery Retirements 1997
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Businesses\Ballyhaunis Farah Factory 1997
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Businesses\Ballyhaunis NCF Presentation 1997
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Communions\Ballyhaunis Communion 2005
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Credit Union\Ballyhaunis Credit Union Children Presentation 2002
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Plays & Musicals\Ballyhaunis Musical Society Fundraiser Fashion Show (Midas) 1997
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Sports\Ballinlough Lough Harps Soccer 2002
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Sports\Ballyhaunis Golf\Ballyhaunis Golf 2002 (3)
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Sports\Ballyhaunis Golf\Ballyhaunis Golf Club Crest 2002
BALLYHAUNIS\Ballyhaunis Sports\Ballyhaunis Golf\Ballyhaunis Golf Spain Trip 1997
Ballyleague\Ballyleague National School Tidy Award 2002
Brosna\Brosna Communion 2001
CASTLEREA\Castlerea (General)\Castlerea Hospice Committee 1997
CASTLEREA\Castlerea (General)\Castlerea Mayo-Roscommon Hospice Meeting 1997
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Brothers of Charity\Castlerea Roscara Centre (Computer) 1997
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Communions\Castlerea Communion 2002
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Communions\Castlerea Communion 2003
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Communions\Castlerea Communion 2005
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Community School\Castlerea Community School Presentation (Myra Walsh) 2002
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Convent\Castlerea Convent Reunion 2000
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Playschool\Castlerea Playschool Nativity Play 1997
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Sports\Castlerea GAA - Garda and Army Memorial Football Match (Morley and Beirne) 1997
CASTLEREA\Castlerea Sports\Castlerea Ladies Fourball Golf 2002
Claremorris\Claremorris Equestrian 1997
Glenamaddy\Glenamaddy Petition (Eamon O'Cuiv) 2002
Glinsk\Glinsk Telethon 2000
Gorthaganny\Gorthaganny Communion 2002
Gorthaganny\Gorthaganny Communion 2005
Gorthaganny\Gorthaganny School Quiz Winners 1999
Gorthaganny\Gorthaganny School Quiz Winners 2000
Kilbegnet\Kilbegnet Communion 2002
Killina\Killina Communion 2002
Killina\Killina National School 2002
Knockcroghery\Knockcroghery Aisling Preserves (Innovation Award) 2002
Knockcroghery\Knockcroghery Rovers 1987
Lisacul\Lisacul Communion 2005
Logboy\Logboy Communion 2003
LOUGHGLYNN\Eire Og vs Oran Football 1997
LOUGHGLYNN\Loughglynn Boys Basketball 1994
LOUGHGLYNN\Loughglynn People In Need (Miss Ireland) 2000
Oran\Oran vs Eire Og Football 1997
Rathcroghan\Rathcroghan School (Flanagan Oil Presentation) 1999
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon After School 2002
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon Christmas Lights Committee 2002
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon County Council 100th Anniversary 2000
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon Disability AGM 2002
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon (General)\Roscommon Parade 1990's
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon Schools\Roscommon School Macalla 2002
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon Sports\Roscommon CBS vs Summerhill Football (Elphin) 1998
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon Sports\Roscommon Clann na nGael Football 1997
ROSCOMMON\Roscommon Sports\Roscommon Ladies Golf 1997
Strokestown\Strokestown Active Age Book 2000
Strokestown\Strokestown School 2000
Strokestown\Strokestown School Basketball Hanly Bros Jersey 2000
Tibohine\Tibohine Communion 2005
UNKNOWN COLLECTION\Unknown 2000s Collection\2002 Unknown Collection\Unknown Girl (Studio) 2002
UNKNOWN COLLECTION\Unknown 2000s Collection\2005 Unknown Collection\Unknown Baby (Studio) 2005
UNKNOWN COLLECTION\Unknown 2000s Collection\2005 Unknown Collection\Unknown Graduation (Studio) 2005


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